Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Every Venice Boardwalk storefront that faces the ocean

In order from south to north, here's every Venice Boardwalk storefront that faces the Pacific Ocean. Photographs taken on May 17, 2012. With soundtrack.

Begin by pressing play. Then, enjoy the photos below.

Venice Whaler Bar & Grill.

Washington Boulevard beach access, parking lot pay booth.

The Wings.

Cafe * Bar.

Shirts and sunglasses, etc.

Venice Beach Physicians, etc.


Sunglasses * Clip-on * Polarized, etc.

The Doge of Venice.

Gourmet sausage sandwiches, hot dogs & fries.

Real fruit smoothies.

The Green Doctors $40 Medical Marijuana Evaluation.

T-shirts, boogie boards, mats, etc.

Zorro Jewelry.

Tattoo Addiction.


Bikini bay.

Posters, umbrellas, bags, sunglasses, etc.


Walking & biking tours, Who is John Scott?

Soft drink machine.

T-shirts, etc.

Men * Women * Children * Bikini land of Venice.

Muscle Beach Cafe.

Press Play:

Art of Venice.

T-shirts, towels, etc.

Smoke Shop * Hand blown glass.

Venice Beach Physicians, Red Speedo Guy.

ThermoLife International.

Sunglasses * Ray-Ban * Hat * Souvenir.

Towel * Sport wear * T-shirts.

Monkee Express

Lemonade Slush.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Forever Venice.

Charly Temmel *Ice* Cream.

X-Large cheese slice $1.30 + tax

T-shirts, sweatshirts, luggage.

American casual international sports wear * Gym, fitness, baggy pants for men & women.

100% natural cotton pre-shrunk casual wear for men & women * Beach, cruise, leisure, weekend, travel wear made in USA.

Seven Jewels.

Fresh cut fruit * Fruit Juice * Real Fruit Smoothies * Tacos * Baskets * Seafood.

Rosas Shoes & Sunglasses.

Venice Sidewalk Market, Surf rental.

Venice Sidewalk Market * Fashion Jewelry.

Fashion Factory.

One Planet * One Country * One Race.

Split Sky.

Henna Body Art * Henna Tattoos.

Posters * Framed & Unframed * Handmade Jewelry.

Press Play:

Venice Skateboarding Stuff.

Rosa's Shoes.

Sunil's Luggage & Handbags.

Chinese Massage * Body Massage * Foot Massage.

Venice Sidewalk Market * Shave Ice * ATM Machine.

Windward Circle beach access, Wine-O Guy.

Press Play:

Venice Sidewalk Market * Sunglasses * Kodak.

Mikes Henna Tattoos * 2 for $10 * 2 for $10.

Venice Massage * Body Massage * Foot Massage.

Frutta fresca * Lime & chile.

Lakers * Lakers.

Beyond the Stars Clothing.

Boardwalk communications.

Double Shaka * Bikini's * Starting at $29.99.

Blow-out poster sale * $5 each.

Handmade Jewelry * Pictures * Necklaces * Anklets * Bracelets.

Rafiki International Imports.

Mega Stun Guns * 100% Legal * ATM * 310-837-0983, bags.

Beach Bum.

Press Play:

Socks * 5 pairs for $5.

Unknown artist.

(Storefront at this lot asked not to be photographed.)

Venice Sidewalk Market * Rosa's Shoes #3.

Big-Daddy And Sons Pizza * Hot chocolat-.

Venice La-La Land.


Del Sol * All of our products change color in the sun!

Maui and Sons * Since 1980 * Surf & Skate Shop

Art of Venice, Zoltar.

Small World Books.

<- Sidewalk Cafe & Bar ->.

Shop Ocean Blue .com.

Venice Kids Club * Art * Music * Sport.

Charly Temmel ice cream.

Toe rings * Body jewelry.

Botox on the Beach * Toe rings.

Evaluation Center For Medical Marijuana.

Venice Casuals.

Venice Beach Suites & Hotel.

Moses Jewelry.

Press Play:

Buzzbomb Tattoo.

Tuti Fruiti Pipe Shop * 4♠ages glass * Glass Pipes! * Black Magic Salvia.

Burgers * Milk Shake * American Burger * The Original Food.

T-shirts, dresses, etc.

Morado * Morado * Marine goods.

Press Play:

Native American World * Indigenous.

Press Play:

Pizza Pizza.

Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Press Play:

Venice Ocean Front Tattoo, The Green Doctors ("Peace").

Press Play:

Psychic Reader * Palm & Tarot Card Readings.


Rey's Pizza.

Life's Fashion * T-shirts & gifts.

Jade * Welcome to Body Massage * Foot Massage

T-shirts, license plates, etc.

No Hassle discount pipe shop


Cali Shop.

S & S Tattoo.


Venetian Dreams * Flasks, Ash Trays, Shot Glasses, Zippo Lighters * Water Pipes, Hand Pipers, Bubblers, Vaporizers & Much More. * Cigarette Cases, Money Clips, Incense Glass Jars.

Venice Beach Freakshow * World's Strangest Show.

Venice Skateboarding Stuff.

House Of Ink tattoos & piercing.

Cafe Venicia.


Press Play:

Tattoo & Piercing.

Frozen Lemonade.

Venice Graffiti Wall.

The Seahorse.

Smoothie, Fresh Squeezed Juice, Frozen Yogurt.

D&G, Dior, Oakley, Prada, Versace.

Good See Co. Optical.

Attorneys At Law.


American Apparel Beach Boutique * American Apparel Beach Boutique * American Apparel Beach Boutique.


Nice Cream.

We Sell American Apparel.

Scholl * Scholl * Harley Davidson.

Parking lot vendors.

For Lease.

Café * Moo.

Venice Beach Gingerbread Court * Unique Shops.

Press Play:

Rental * Bikes * Choppers * Tandems * Surfboards * Boogie boards * Wetsuits * Bike.

Odyssey Venice.


Pacific Jewish Center.

Phoenix House.

Fig Tree.

Sunglasses, ponchos, luggage. etc.

Smoke shop.

T-shirts * Luggage * Sunglasses.

Palm & Tarot Card Readings.

LA Kings.


Light Blue.

Candle Cafe * Breakfast * Lunch * Dinner.

Venice Bistro.

Art by ^___ ~_____.


Venice Ale House.

Stre-For Sale-ider LA.


On the Waterfront Cafe.

Israel Levin Senior Center.



  1. I love to try that lemonade. What makes it special to other lemonade?

  2. The ShopOceanBlue.com building, has some pretty cool prints, I have a picture but it was blurry, wish I could go back and buy it, was epic, but their site is no longer up, someone go get pictures of those prints and buy it and put it on ebay for me....


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