Friday, May 25, 2012

In the office: A short tour of HRGBRG.COM's energy source

The HRGBRG office is powered by a peanut tree that grows peanuts from its branches and runs 115-230 volts through an electrical outlet built into the trunk. The following is absolutely true.

This is a typical day at the HRGBRG office.

An Alternative Diodic Electricity Peanut Tree (A.D.E.P.T.) produces ripe peanuts all year round.

A.D.E.P.T.s do not need to be watered. They do, however, need to be covered in soft bedding.

When installing an outlet, it's essential to place it at precisely same angle as trunk growth. This ensures the most efficient flow of peanut oil.

A.D.E.P.T. peanuts are easily identified by their flavor. They taste like toasted seaweed dipped in beer.

Thank you for completing this tour of the HRGBRG office. The following video was shot using a grapefruit as a tripod.


  1. more cowbell please

  2. Peanuts grow underground you morons!

  3. No man , these are P nuts . They collect solar energy from the leaves , That's the thing , they need to be above ground .


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