Thursday, May 31, 2012

What do you regret?

I asked folks: "What do you regret?"

Age: (Not given). Occupation: Engineer.

What do you regret?

Gerald: "Number one: When my wife took off with this rich doctor. I had all the time in the world to go to live with some of my friends in Thailand. That was my regret- I never did it. Looking back at it, I kick myself in the rear because I never did it. I hear the life is pretty good over there."

Age: 52. Occupation: "I’m an IT geek."

What do you regret?

Sara: "Not staying in the military a little bit longer."

Age: 52. Occupation: Financial banker.

What do you regret?

Deby: (Long pause) "That's hard...

"I regret not having my mom with me today."

Age: 30. Occupation: Producer.

What do you regret?

Eric: "I regret, sometimes, not living in Chicago with all my brothers and their kids. They're still young enough that I have time to spend with them, but sometimes I regret not moving there and watching them grow up."

Age: 49. Occupation: "I used to be a project manager- big software projects- now I fix computers. Never have to leave the beach."

What do you regret?

Jim: "Actually... damn.

"I've got one or two regrets. Not very many, I traveled a lot. But, I didn't... I have a son, and I never spent... he's ten and I haven't spent that much time with him. I moved here- he lives here now- but I haven't spent that much time with him. So my regret is I haven't done that.

"But, good news, I'm gonna do it."

Age: "55- old enough to know better now." Occupation: "I don't know- I have so many jobs."

What do you regret?

Annie: "The thing I regret most is the pre-parenting advice I gave, or, in my head, thought, about other parents before I actually had children of my own, and how completely insane it was. And really judging. I totally regret that, because I was dead wrong, and until you have your own, you have no idea.

"You know how, when you're a kid, you say, 'I will never do that to my kids,' or 'I will never say that.' You know, 'Do as I say' kind of things, 'Because I said so'- even those things... you judged your parents... you judge other parents when you don't have kids.

"And then when you have them, you realize how stupid you were and how wrong you were. And- I don't know if I ever said it out loud- I just... because your thoughts are equal to your words, I think I just regret cutting a few people out of my life because I judged them incorrectly.

"And it made me stupid. And I had no idea. But oh, I do now! I so do now!"

Age: 16. Occupation: Student.

What do you regret?

Josh: "I forgot to feed my dog."

Age: 45. Occupation: Cashier.

What do you regret?

Steve: "Here in Venice Beach, there are so many waves in the ocean. So, I wish I could have learned surfing."

Age: 25. Occupation: Telecom sales.

What do you regret?

Clark: "I think, probably, not- this is so lame- probably, not trying harder in college and getting a little more out of it."

Age: 44. Occupation: Artist.

What do you regret?

Tom: "Not...going to college? No...I don't really regret anything, no. I would do everything probably the same again."

Age: 26. Occupation: Therapy.

What do you regret?

Ally: "Not going to college."

Age: 18. Occupation: Artist.

What do you regret?

Kevin: "Not graduating high school. I would have been in college right now, you know? In art school.

"But I'm trying to get my GED right now, so hopefully... soon."

Age: 30. Occupation: Research.

What do you regret?

Brad: "Spending too much time in the library and not as much time as I should have enjoying a social life in college, believe it or not.

"That's the easiest way I can put it. There's a lot more to life than learning what the books can tell you in college."

Age: (Not given). Occupation: (Not given).

What do you regret?

"Not continuing school."

Age: "113." Occupation: Singer-songwriter.

What do you regret?

Sarah: "Not creating a free university so everybody could have free education in Colorado, growing up."

Age: 34. Occupation: "Life lover."

What do you regret?

David: "Not taking advantage of life to the fullest."

Age: 24. Occupation: "I'm a composer for a space-themed psychedelic circus opera called The Rogue Mechanica."

What do you regret?

Chris: "I regret not starting being a psychedelic composer sooner."

Age: "Unknown." Occupation: Filmmaker.

What do you regret?

Jesse: "I regret nothing."

Age: 33. Occupation: Respiratory therapist.

What do you regret?

Christina: "I don't regret anything, because every mistake I've ever made, I've absolutely learned from and become a better person for it."

Age: (Not given). Occupation: "To fuck everybody up."

What do you regret?

Cynthia: "Nothing, really. Everything I've done this far, if I've regretted it, it doesn't mean anything to me."

Age: 33. Occupation: Regional Market VP.

What do you regret?

Angela: "I really believe in not regretting anything in life, because I feel like every choice takes you on a path. Whatever reason you chose that path, it must be the right one for that part of your life. Or that version of your life- that's a whole 'nother story. I guess I could say that it would be interesting to know what different choices, at pinnacle times in your life... what paths those would have taken you on. So it's not really regret, but maybe just wanting to know what a different choice would have meant for your life.

"So, if I could say that... it took me a long time to get to California, and I wonder what would have happened if I would have come earlier."

Age: 32. Occupation: Editor.

What do you regret?

Anthony: "I don't really have any regrets. I think everybody says they try to live without regrets, though. Obviously, there's a few that I might probably have, but it's always been a learning lesson for me. You know?

"I think that's what you take with it if you ever do regret anything. So whether it was a regret, I looked at it more as an experience that I learned from."

Age: 31. Occupation: PR.

What do you regret?

Abby: "Nothing."

Age: "I was born in 1971. So this is twenty...twelve. I'm...41. Right?" Occupation: Artist and musician.

What do you regret?

Cain: "I thought about this, because I heard you ask other people.

"I absolutely have zero regrets. And the reason is, everything's worked out perfectly fine. There's no reason to regret anything. Everything's worked out. So, no regrets."

Age: 21. Occupation: Babysitter and house cleaner.

What do you regret?

Carla: "Um..."


"I don't know how to explain it."

Age: 28. Occupation: Writer.

What do you regret?

Cecile: "Not being more vulnerable in relationship situations.

"And, not taking risks, and procrastinating when I should have been spending the time to further things with careers, or art... and all that stuff."

Age: (Not given). Occupation: (Not given).

(We shake hands). What do you regret?

Richard: "That we're not holding hands any longer."

Age: "24- No, I just turned 25." Occupation: Musician.

What do you regret?

Keek: "If anything, I regret sleeping in. It feels good, but I regret it."

Age: 38. Occupation: Studio lighting technician.

What do you regret?

Eric: "I do have regrets- I try not to think about it too much. I can't think of any right now.

"I regret that I didn't eat sooner, so I'm gonna get something to eat!

"Life's full of regrets, I guess."

Age: 44. Occupation: Massage therapist, herbalist, and mycologist.

What do you regret?

Schnow: "Regret is a...I would say it's a very powerful word, in a sense where, if I were to accept regret for what it really means, it would then pull a certain emotion from me that would only further diminish the person... the unhappiness... that is within my soul at this point.

"But I can say that if I knew more... 'growth' intelligence that I know now, then, maybe things would be great.

"But then, when you do think about it, life is perfect. So there's no regrets, actually."

Age: 33. Occupation: Business consultant.

What do you regret?

Julia: "I think I mirror, maybe in different words, but pretty much the same [as Schnow].

"But there are lots of things that I sometimes wish- 'Oh, I wish my parents were different,' or, 'I wish I did something different.' But if I didn't do those things, I wouldn't be who I am today. And I think I'm a wonderful person- I'm not perfect by any means- but I love who I am today, and I would not be who I am today if it weren't for those things that happened. And I'm grateful for that. So, I have no regrets."

Age: 30. Occupation: Freelance non-profit environmental education.

What do you regret?

Lindsey: "I guess it would be something most current. I don't feel like there's a big event in my life that I regret, but it's the small things, like not reaching out to the person you have a little thing for and you're afraid to pursue. Or just not taking the little adventurous steps.

"There's nothing big in my life. It's just the little things, like telling a person that you love them. That sort of thing."

Age: "I'm ageless." Occupation: "Freedom."

What do you regret?

Mario: "Wow. That's a loaded question. I'll have to answer that later."

Age: 35. Occupation: Singer.

What do you regret?

Shea: "Not being- oh, I feel like crying, hah- Not being proud of my culture for a long time. And understanding that it's okay to not always accept- No- to accept where you're from, and later be proud. I regret that I didn't accept my culture for a long time.

"I do now."

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