Monday, June 4, 2012

26 unimportant things you don't need to know about Bilderberg 2012

Here are 26 of those little things you don't need to know at all, but just naturally pick up by being there. This time I took in Bilderberg 2012, the protest of the conspiracy-theory-laden Bilderberg Conference, held in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31st through June 3rd.

  1. The Bilderberg Group chose a pedestrian-friendly suburb for their conference location this year.

  2. "District Governmental Center" means "Police Station".

  3. If you happened to get pulled over within a half-mile of a the Bilderberg protest, you got more moral support from passers by than usual.

  4. Some people forewent the walk from the Westone Plaza shopping center and simply took a cab.

  5. Late May is a good time to see the woods in Virginia. So it's not a good time to see through the woods in Virginia.

  6. Savvy people were prepared with coolers and cameras.

  7. The long fence around the hotel property was thusly labeled.

  8. The long fence was useful for holding trash bags.

  9. You knew you'd reached the protest site once you saw lots of people with lots of cameras.

  10. Popular places to point cameras: (A) At the hotel...

  11. (B) At the road...

  12. (C) At Alex Jones...

  13. (D) And at cars entering the hotel property.

  14. By far, the majority of vehicles entering hotel property were merely occupied by hotel staff.

  15. Police officers in the street wearing hats and sunglasses were more intimidating than those who were not in the street, not wearing hats and sunglasses.

  16. Protesters wearing military fatigues made a quiet statement through their wardrobe choices.

  17. Protesters holding signs made considerably more deliberate statements:

  18. A hula hoop makes a handy sign-holder.

  19. An American flag with a Roman numeral II in the center of a circular formation of stars represents the "Second Revolution".

  20. Quite a few people brought loudspeakers.

  21. Some people brought the Constitution.

  22. Most people brought rain gear.

  23. The return walk felt longer if you hadn't brought water.

  24. It was believed that most law enforcement officers patrolling the hotel had never heard of the Bilderberg Group until they were assigned to guard it.

  25. The Bilderberg protest brought commerce to Moe's, Jersey Mike's, Applebee's, Texas Roadhouse, Sunoco, CVS, Safeway, and many of Chantilly's local small businesses. Moe's, Jersey Mike's, Applebee's, Texas Roadhouse, Sunoco, CVS, Safeway, and many of Chantilly's local small businesses provided parking and restrooms to protest attendees.

  26. Wherever in the world you go after this, every time a you see a shiny black Mercedes, you'll try to get a glimpse of who's inside.

More information about the Bilderberg Group and Bilderberg protests:

Very special thanks to Phillip for helping with editorial planning, video, transportation, and a place to stay.


  1. Hey, I have those same boots and ACU's, but I have never been in the military. I wonder what my "quiet statement" is, except that both cost me $15 total at the flea market.

    1. It would be still be an interesting wardrobe choice. To me, it would still say you're ready for combat.

      Hi from reddit-landia!

  2. Awesome & funny picture roll and comments Diana. haha. thx. :)

  3. Thank you for covering this!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for reading!


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