Sunday, June 3, 2012

Travel tips from Bilderberg 2012

I dropped by the Occupy Bilderberg / Bilderberg 2012 protests in front of the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia this week, and asked folks, "What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?" Also: Of course I had to ask, "What brought you to the protest?"

Age: 33. Occupation: Security. Traveled from: Manhattan, New York City, NY.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Eli: "Basically: Punched in everything on my GPS. Got in the car. Got down here."

What brought you to the protest?
Eli: "You have the global elite meeting here in secret, deciding our future, our fate, taking away our constitutional rights. It's very important that more and more people get together and expose these evil scumbags."

Age: 41. Occupation: Women's lifestyle journalist. Traveled from: London, England.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Hannah: "We actually did book in-" (Points to Westfields Marriott) "- this hotel for a couple of days, but they didn't honor our reservation. As we had done this before, they knew our names, so they cancelled our reservation. They didn't let us stay. They said it was overbooked, but it wasn't.

"So we wanted to stay nearby the protest...

"Logistically, you just need to get lots of things for the weather, really. Just loads of sun cream, umbrellas, and water. Just know you're going to be outside for a long time. It's like going hiking or something.

"We were a bit worried coming into the country, because we were going to a protest, but it was fine.

"We've been really lucky in terms of transport. Our hotel, the Hyatt, is giving us shuttles to and from the protest site. This actual site is quite inconvenient. We've got no facilities nearby. We've got no bathroom facilities. There's no kind of... shops or anything,. People have to walk quite a long way get to the location. We're not being allowed to park in nearby car parks- peoples' cars are being towed. So actually, that is a bit of a problem. But luckily, the Hyatt has been great and has been shuttling people backwards and forwards. For the bathroom, and things like that."

What brought you to the protest?
Hannah: "I'm protesting because I believe that this conference is profoundly undemocratic. And non-transparent. And I'm protesting because my elected Minister of Justice, Kenneth Clark, is attending, and he's actually on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, and I do not agree with this. It's undemocratic."

Age: 70. Occupation: Retired. Traveled from: Downingtown, PA.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Milt: "I do a lot of traveling, so I have a travel list at home. I just check things off, and put 'em in a bag."

"I got a letter from American Free Press saying where this was gonna be, and what time of day. So I pulled it up and got the hotel that Jim Tucker, the editor, is gonna stay at. So, solved my problem. Took me about three-and-a-quarter hours to drive here."

What brought you to the protest?
Milt: "To protest the New World Order. They're destroying America, and destroying Europe too. The One-tenth of One Percent have all the money and they don't care about the people. They just discard us, and all they want to do is make money and control the world, and it's just wrong. You see it at home all the time, what they're doing to us. Somebody's gotta stop 'em."

Age: 38. Occupation: Housewife. Traveled from: Williamsport, PA.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Kimberly: "Just Mapquesting, looking up what lodging is available, reserving rooms ahead of time… you know, the basics."

What brought you to the protest?
Kimberly: "I'm a Ron Paul supporter, and I believe he's our only constitutional candidate that's currently running for president. I also believe against the New World Order. I believe that the nation is a sovereign nation.

"I believe the people inside here are criminals. I don't believe we'll change them. However, they've been operating in secrecy for too long. Our purpose here is just to educate- educate the public. Even the law enforcement here doesn't even know everything, or they've been brainwashed by the establishment. So, we're just here to educate people- to think for themselves, to learn the truth- don't just watch television and take everything as gospel."

Age: 47. Occupation: Sales. Traveled from: Local area.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Paul: "It's nice because I have my own car, and I'm in sales. So, I just made arrangements to work in this area. It was very simple.

"Traffic wasn't an issue. I know that sometimes people are worried about parking and things. Yes, you have to be aware that you can't park in certain areas. People have been towed, and so forth. But it's not an issue, and it's certainly worth the effort."

What brought you to the protest?
Paul: "A passion for this country- This country is being destroyed by a European global crime syndicate that the American people aren't aware of... Getting more people out here in the public eye to show support for people like Alex Jones, who said, 'Hey, we're willing to sacrifice our day,' who said 'We're going to come out here and represent the American people,' and said "Look, it's important to families, and to our children, and to our grandchildren.' If this doesn't get public attention, it's over. It's over."

Age: 46. Occupation: Writer / Runs an organization called occupyET. Traveled from: Local area. Originally from: Belgium.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Rick: "I don't live too far. Some people come here from Canada, from all over the United States. For me, it's easy."

What brought you to the protest?
Rick: "The way they-" (points toward the hotel) "- create the money is unfair for the 99 Percent. We can evolve to a new economy that gives freedom to people by reorganizing the economy so we don't have to be dependent on them to give us the money."

Age: 43. Occupation: Videographer for American Free Press. Traveled from: Wisconsin.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Josh: "I arranged to ride with a friend. We had a small caravan from Milwaukee and Madison and Sheboygan. We just looked it up on a map, carried a cellphone, and had no problem gettin' here. Stayed in a hotel."

What brought you to the protest?
Josh: "Well, I'm against deception of all kinds, and these people are blacked out from the media. They're not telling us their agenda. This is the global elite meeting to make decisions for the people, and decisions to make money for themselves, against the wishes of the people. We feel that it should be in the media, and major media is not here, so we're gonna cover it."

Age: 21. Occupation: Starting a small business. Traveled from: Richmond, VA.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Ierra: "We just got in a car the next day, once we found out, and we just went straight up here. It was one-day planning. We just said, 'Okay, we're going to go. Nine in the morning sharp.' It was nine-hundred miles."

What brought you to the protest?
Ierra: "I'm protesting because it's a lot of lack of knowledge that they've tried to brainwash us on, which was false evidence of what really pertains to- Basically, we've been lied to, over and over and over. We basically need to be shooken and woken up. That's what I'm here for: To help wake up my younger generation, so it doesn't... dominate the stupidity of our older generation. 'Cause they're yellow."

Age: 50. Occupation: Retired / Co-Director of an organization called Oath Keepers. Traveled from: Orange County, CA.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
John: "I used my frequent flyer miles, got a ticket, and we arranged a hotel, probably about a week and a half ahead of time. We have chapters all over the nation, so we contacted our brothers and sisters here from Oath Keepers to be here and help us out. Fortunately, one of our members from Pennsylvania drove down and gave us our pop-up tent, and all that.

"Logistically, this is a very difficult location to protest, 'cause there's no parking anywhere nearby. There's no toilets anywhere nearby. So, this is... it's tough. You have to adapt and overcome, but that's what Oath Keepers do. Most of our members are former military and police, and adapting and overcoming is something that we're trained at doing."

What brought you to the protest?
John: "We're not here actually protesting- we're here kind of like, drawing that fine line: Trying to have the police keep their oath, snd hopefully keep the knuckleheads under control, that are protesting that want to, you know, be provocateur-ish... try to keep 'em calmed down and not break laws, or whatever- Go ahead and scream and shout and protest their hearts out- We try and keep it smoothed over.

"Our organization keeps tabs on what's going on around the nation. We wanted to be at the protest for the NATO Summit, but we couldn't get our group together to go there, so we decided that we would come to the Bilderberg protest. We knew about it, we had heard about it. Alex Jones keeps people alert about these types of events. So, we decided that we would make a stand here and reach out to the police and reach out to the protesters- try to keep people peaceful and calm and understand this-" (Pulls a copy of the Constitution from his pocket) "- The Constitution of the United States."

Age: 56. Occupation: Owner of a full-service repair auto dealership./ Volunteer with the Oath Keepers organization. Traveled from: Orange County, CA.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Leonard: "We used John's frequent flyer miles, which kinda helped, but I'll pay him the amount that when you go on the internet and search and get the best flight- I'll pay him that amount. Then we set up the hotel about a week and a half prior.

"It's very difficult to really get your... stuff together here because of things like the parking situation- they make it very difficult. It think they should have done things, like, as a good gesture on their end, maybe put up a portable restroom or something like that. That would have been nice. But, the police here are pretty professional. We're impressed with them, actually."

What brought you to the protest?
Leonard: "I felt that because of the criminals inside that are controlling our everyday future, we have to be here to make a statement. They are quite secret in what they do. People like Alex Jones kind of bring it up to the forefront, and that's really helpful, because we have to get our freedom back in this country. That's about the best I can explain."

Age: 61. Occupation: Doctor. Traveled from: "About two hours west of here."

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
John: "No. I grabbed a glass of water and split. And seven seven-layer burritos and [my family and I] came."

What brought you to the protest?
John: "I was here to talk to some people about vitamin sales and health, and instead I had cops screaming at me, saying, 'Are you with the protesters?' I said, 'No, I came here to talk to some people about vitamin sales,' because Alex [Jones] and other people distribute, and I'm a physician who specializes in regenerative medicine, which they talk about a lot.

"So, I came here to speak to some people, but, the cops started yelling at me, and I slow down when they yell at me, so they gave me a ticket, went through my registration, license, and denied that I was told things from the police which I was told. My children were all witnesses to it, and we recorded the conversations.

"So anyway, I just got shut down by the cops because I said, 'Where do I park?' The security down the road, which was Guardsmark, told us to pull in front and park to the left. I asked the police if that's where we go, and then they pulled me over and gave me a ticket. After they started screamin' at me. And then they said, Why did I stop, and I said, I didn't want to get shot, and they said, Why would we shoot you? What is the reason? Why are you so concerned? and treatin' me like I'm a terrorist, I guess, because whatever reason... I got a beard, I slowed down and waved, so... but, instead of answering my questions, they more or less interrogated me. And we put that on film too, because I have to appear in front of a judge now, to defend myself and go to court.

"So. I think things are a little bit tight here."

Age: 53. Occupation: Electrician. Traveled from: New York City.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Alexander: "Zero, because I was able to stay with friends, or at a campsite, or just in the car."

What brought you to the protest?
Alexander: "I believe in the Constitution, and the laws that are defining the Constitution, and the morality that's inside the Constitution. The Hogan Act defines, any politician that's relating to or doing business with foreign criminals is in violation of that act, the Hogan Act, and they should be arrested. They're committing a crime. That's basically why I'm here.

"And also to defend...just to show up. Because...just for my own consciousness. But I'm all about love- doing it peacefully. That's important to say."

More information about the Bilderberg Group and Bilderberg Group protests:

Very special thanks to Phillip for helping with editorial planning, video, transportation, and lodging.


  1. that was real nice. there are real people, alert, and able to think with a critical mind , for themselves. FOLKS LIKE ME not afraid to call a spaDE A SPADE. i HAIL THOSE TROOPERS THAT SHOWED UP FOR THEIR EVERY VERY OWN REASONS! tHEY TRULY ARE GODS AND GODDESSES TO SURROUND THE DEVILS BANQUET LIKE THAT

  2. funny how greedy selfish scum believes that money can save them ,look at greece etc. dust carries no riches , no atm's in your non existant kingdom dummies

  3. I am sorry for the Doc, the cops singled him out from profiling prejudice due to a beard? [maybe].
    I am glad as h$!! that people are getting smart and carrying electronic devices with them to record these conversations with the Effiet F.O.P's out here working for the gilstapo. Video and audio surveillance is cheap, and in most states you don't even have to tell the cops your recording if the equipment is strapped to your body. My car is rigged to the hill with high dollar Video electronics but that tiny mp3 recorder shoved down my jockstrap is what saves me in court more often then the videos. Because it's on my body the evidence holds up in court.

  4. God bless you guys for your courage and course of action. I wish there was a way for us to gather and take on these sorts of problems. The way most of this read reminded me of the french revolution. I just want to know when the men and women who are suppose to protect the citizenry turned into a private batch of soldiers for the criminals that run our world. I need to understand how the police feel about their own actions. Do they ever wonder who they are defending? Everyone at these meetings is sexual, social, economic deviant of some sort.

    They treat the rest of the world like we are roaches. There is major world war and devestation coming at the hands of these psychos.

    I commend those of you who have shown the courage, intelligence, integrity, and humanity to make a stand. It is not in vain.


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