Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jobs. Lots of them.

“Would you please list every job you can remember having?” I asked. Here’s what I found out.

Age: 65. Current Occupation: “Re-tired person!”

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“I was a paper boy. Then I worked in a sandwich shop. Then I worked off and on in a lot of weird jobs.

Then I was in banking. I made a weird investment into a company that was searching for a sunken ship that sank in 1622, a Spanish galleon. So I became partners in that.

And we found the treasure. The treasure was 400 million bucks. So I am a retired person.”

Age: 31. Current Occupation: “I work with kids with autism.”

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“Data entry person.

Salesperson at Baby Gap.

Santa’s Helper - I worked the carousel.

Barista at Coffee Bean.


One-on-one therapist.

Wrapped gifts at Nordstrom.

I made cream puffs for a little while, too.”

Age: 31. Current Occupation: Manager for Starbucks Coffee Company.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“My first job was landscaping. I worked at a nursery with baby plants and I did landscaping.

Administrative assistant. Filed, answered phones.

Then I moved to LA. I was a temporary administrative assistant, so I worked in a lot of different places.

Then I got a job at Gap.

Then I became a professional assistant for someone. I made cold calls for him. He was a salesman.

Then I got a job at Starbucks, and I’ve been there ever since.

I also took a part-time job doing valet parking.

And now I’m building my own business teaching cooking lessons.”

Age: 28. Current Occupation: Business owner.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“What have I worked? Not very much. But it’s fun.

I think my first job was I started hanging out with this baker, and I started baking with him. It was this Israeli Jewish baker named Uzi Cornhauser. He only talked about women and we only listened to ‘70s Greatest Disco Hits’.

At the same time, I was working at this river getaway lodge thing. I was a bartender in this little Irish pub part of this nice restaurant thing.

After that, I gambled. I gambled online. I was gambling when I was traveling, to support me with money-wise.

One time, I... I’ve never sold my body sexually for money, but that woulda been a good time for that to happen, if that had happened.

Coffee shops... for maybe only like a couple months at a time.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked more than 25 hours a week, and then somehow got my own business. And now I work more than 25 hours, and it’s kinda weird and kinda fun.”

Age: 30. Current Occupation: ”I am a Psychologistwaitress. Both, separately, and together.”

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“First job: I delivered newspapers.

Bagel shop.

Tennis center.


Bars and restaurants - for years.

Bicycle mail carrier.

I was a porter at a bar once, which sucked.

I used to work for this cleaning company, and I used to clean fire stations, which was really awesome.

I worked on a commune, at their communal restaurant. That was weird.

I had this fashion company, which was really weird - wholesale, selling fashion wholesale from Spain in the US.

I worked at a law firm, doing some weird filing stuff and Spanish translation.

I worked at an engineering firm in communications, and I also worked at an engineering firm translating documents.

I worked at a psychiatric institute, which is my current job.

I work at a really awesome bar.

And 40,000 other jobs that I forgot about...

Editorial hairdresser.

I cleaned swimming pools.

I worked at H&M.”

Age: 31. Current Occupation: Team leader for School on Wheels.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“Burger King.


Radio DJ for Whittier College.

Environmental outreach specialist.

Transportation outreach specialist.

Regional coordinator for School on Wheels.

Team leader for School on Wheels.”

Age: 25. Current Occupation: Account manager.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“In the beginning of high school, I would babysit some of of my younger siblings’ friends.

Then I was a bank teller.

I worked for the football team when I was at UMass.

Then I worked for the United Football League.

I worked for the University of Florida Gators football team.

I worked for a production company.

And now I work for a telecom company.”

Age: 29. Current Occupation: Learning center instructor.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“I started in high school as an optician.

Then I moved to a community college where I worked as a peer counselor for non-traditional students, meaning single moms, sixty-year-old women, returning family parents, all that.

Personal assistant for a bored rich old lady who kinda needed somebody around all the time. So I kinda drove her around. Got my nails done. She paid for everything.

Borders bookstore.

Art teacher at a summer camp.

Teaching assistant.

Special ed teacher. Did that for five years with autistic and emotionally disturbed kids.

Learning center instructor.”

Age: 27. Current Occupation: Sales and marketing.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“First job: Running a summer golf camp.

Second job: Smoothie chef and manager at a smoothie shop.

Third job: Selling fireworks.

Fourth job: Selling fireworks, at another location.

Fifth job: Bartending, in college.

Then another bartending job in the same town.

Professional golf for two years.

Then... I do what I do now - sales and marketing manager for a design build firm.

I’m sure there’s one I forgot... I was a server, in two restaurants.”

Age: “29 in each foot.” Current Occupation: Mechanic, J&S Precision Auto.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?



Age: 22. Current Occupation: Mechanic.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“First job: I worked at Ralph’s Supermarket.

Then I worked at a pet food supply store.

Then I worked here, as a mechanic.”

Age: “Infinity.” Current Occupation: Artist and teacher.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“Oh, shit. That’s a long list. Wow. Ok, I’ll try. When I was thirteen, I started mowing lawns.

When I was fourteen, I worked as a janitor.

Then worked as a busboy.

I washed cars at a Ford dealership.

Then I worked in landscaping.

I worked at probably about five restaurants during college.

I did landscaping in college.

Dipatcher in human resources.

Bartender at a really cool club. It was the first club that was open all night in Arizona - open until five in the morning.

One year, I worked every day of the year. I worked for a whole year straight, every day. On the weekends, I’d work as a bartender, and during the week, I’d work as a dispatcher.

Planning loads and coordinating logistics for trucks.

First-grade teacher, in the hood in South Central.

A temp service: I worked for like six bucks an hour when I first moved to LA - I parked cars, I made coffee.

When I first came to LA, I had two jobs. One job was at a coffee shop. One job was bussing tables at a restaurant that had Argentinian food. And I pissed everybody off one day, and I got fired from both jobs in the same day, and that same day, the girl I was staying with kicked me out of the house. It was a pretty cool day though. I wasn’t in Arizona, so I was really happy about that.

Then I got a job at a temp service, working with homeless people. Then I figured out that I could be a dispatcher for them. I gave the guy behind the counter my resume. Within a week, I doubled my rate.

Then I started substitute teaching math.

Then I became a full math teacher. I taught for ten years, I was a math teacher, in the hood, in South Central.

Then I quit. And became a part-time hustler, and making compost bins, and teaching math.

I’m also a delivery driver, delivering vegan food to really rich people.

And I’m an artist - I’m making stuff out of salvaged goods, and I’ve been bartering, and that’s how I’ve been getting my chiropractic service. I put my art into the office, so I get free chiropracty now.

I’ve been offered money for worms, but I don’t sell those. I just trade them.

I also barter for surfing lessons - I teach people how to surf.”

Age: 41. Current Occupation: Artist.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?

Selling fireworks at a fireworks stand.

Then I started working for Wal-Mart when I was sixteen. I worked at several Wal-Marts, like four different ones. I started out as a cashier, then I worked in the electronics department, then I worked in sporting goods. Then I got into the management training program and was going to be a manager, and then I decided I’d rather die. So I dropped that.

Then I worked in the Garden Center with my band, and that was the last of my Wal-Mart experience.

I worked for two different production companies that do high-end events and productions.

I drove for this guy - I thought he was a drug dealer, but it turned out he was some sort of money launderer. He just went around with briefcases of money and dropped ‘em off in different areas with different people. So I think it was money laundering. So that was a weird, sketchy thing. So for that I always kept a hammer with me, but luckily nothing ever happened. That was only like three or four months.

I was a full-time college student for years. From 1993 to 2006, I went to college. That was fucking awesome. The only reason that ended was because I got arrested, and then they let me graduate, and I had to leave the state. So that was the end of my college career.

Since then, I’ve been focused on my art, which is doing excellent. Just not working for the man.”

Age: 21. Current Occupation: Student/traveler.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“Swimming teacher in about five different swimming pools, so that’s five different separate jobs.

Brought farm animals to birthday parties.

Bars at festivals.

A preschool.

Retail shop called The Warehouse, when I was younger.

The Stain, which is a bar, for a couple weeks.

Margarita bar, for a month.”

Age: 22. Current Occupation: Student/traveler.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“Canon warehouse.

Lansdcaping. I’ve been landscaping for about four years.

That’s about it.”

Age: 24. Current Occupation: Chef.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“Pamphlet delivery when I was young, like thriteen.

Paper deliveries after that.

Then, a pharmaceutical kinda run, like delivering to old people.

McDonald’s, for too long.

Chef in a couple restaurants, like three or four restaurants.


Chef on a superyacht just recently.

Landscape gardening on my days off.”

Age: 27. Current Occupation: Photo assistant.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?

Web design.


Age: 31. Current Occupation: Entrepreneur.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“The psych ward.


The post office.

This job (volunteer).


Data entry.

Warehouse quality checker.



Accountant assistant.

Manager office assistant.”

Age: 32. Current Occupation: Actor, writer, teaching artist.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
"Candy striper.

Artist liaison.

House manager.

Box office assistant.

Assistant stage manager.

Voiceover for insurance company website.

Office assistant at real estate company.



Teaching artist.

Children's theater actor.

Commercial actor.

Ghost writer for a musical.

Actual writer for a musical."

Age: 28. Current Occupation: Studio electrician.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“My first real job was at Supertans, as a young perverted man." (Laughs.) "I thought it’d be cool to work at the tanning salon so I could meet chicks who came in there to get tan.

I did some background work with SAG (union for the movie industry) here and there, with my father’s shows that he did.

I worked at Trader Joe’s for about two years. Trader Joe’s was a great, great company to work for and I had a lot of fun there.

My good friend got me a job as a maintenance manager for apartment complexes for Jewish assisted living, so I was helping people fix their apartments - doing good deeds and gettin’ paid for it. I did that for about a year.

Then I got into the studio electrical union for the movie industry and started lighting sets for motion picture and TV. I’ve been doing that since I was twenty years old, and that’s my career.”

Age: 63. Current Occupation: Writer-director.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?


Teaching filmmaking.

Teaching method acting.


Light construction.


I was in the army.

Tutored English.

All sorts of physical labor.



Ran a restaurant in San Francisco.

Sold business forms in New York.

Assistant manager of a bookstore in Albuquerque.

Again, in the army, I did lots of different things: I was a communications supervisor in Southeast Asia. Made sargeant at nineteen. I was in Fort Walters, Texas, when I came back. I was in charge of training for the entire fort.

I worked in Northern Thailand, using method acting, working with drug addicts and alcoholics as drama therapy.

That’s all I can think of right now.”

Age: 44. Current Occupation: Television producer.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“I used to work at a burger stand. It was Orange Julius.

Ralph’s grocery store, when I was in college.

After college, I was a professional touring stand-up comedian, so I worked all over the country - small clubs and colleges.

After that, I transitioned into television producing.”

Age: 28. Current Occupation: Writer.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?

I worked at a retirement community, in dining services.

PA on a very independent film, and later worked as a script supervisor for the same film company for a different film.

Helpdesk for a state program that allows for teachers at rural high schools to teach courses online.

IT Response Center at UNC Chapel Hill, in which I fixed faculty, staff, and student computers. Software stuff, not hardware.

At some point during college, I also tutored incoming freshman football players in the subject of geography.

After college, I had an internship for Edward Saxon, who produced Silence of the Lambs.

Then I worked at CBS as a page.

At the same time, I was working at Barnes & Noble as a ‘bookseller’ - that’s what they call you.

Then I worked temp gigs for a few months - I worked at the Wheel Of Fortune office, stuffing envelopes.

I did stuff in a couple offices until I got into worldwide product fulfillment, and that was when I got hired to be in charge of collection societies for an entertainment company. I did that for two years.

I did a variety of freelance stuff which would take even longer to explain.


Transcription work.

Script supervisor on two films.

Extra work for a few shows.

PA work for Criminal Minds, and all sorts of pilots.

Now I’m a QC operator at a DVD quality control company.”

Age: 47. Current Occupation: Producer.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“All the jobs I’ve ever done are all in the same industry. I started in the mailroom, and worked my way to the upper management. It’s all kind of the same thing. Like, someone tells you what to do: ‘Go over there and put a trash can liner in that trash can.’ And then the next job is, you tell the guy to put the trash can liner in. And the next job is, tell the guy who tells the guy. Until you get to a point where the people around you know what to tell the other people.”

Age: 30. Current Occupation: Director of a small high school for the arts.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“First job I had was in landscaping.

The second job, I was an administrative assistant for Hallmark cards.

Third job is that I picked grapes on a vineyard.

My fourth job was in education at a mid-size museum.

Then I was a waiter in Mexico City.

Then I was in development for a major, major museum.

Then I became an art teacher.

Now I run a school for the arts.”

Age: 33. Current Occupation: Business consulting and development.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“The first job I ever had: I worked in the library, as a page. I had to make sure the books were in order.

Then I worked at a bakery.

Lifeguard, for a couple years.

Marketing intern.

Account representative - in sales.

Business consulting and business development, which is where I am now.

Oh, and I worked as a hostess, in some restaurants, when I was in college. And I was, for like 3 weeks, a waitress, but I didn’t last.”

Age: 42. Current Occupation: Clerical.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“My first job was Burger King.

My second job was at a family restaurant.

My third job was at a real estate company.

My next job was at a collection agency.

Then, the Housing Authority.

Then, Superior Court.”

Age: 28. Current Occupation: Bartender.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?
“I detailed cars.

I worked in retail.

I was a Marine.

Now I’m a bartender.

That’s it.”

Age: 34. Current Occupation: Operations coordinator at a nonprofit.

Would you please list every job you can remember having?

Dock cleaner.

I can skip a bunch...

I worked for the IRS - I looked at checks.

I worked at a law firm, redacting documents.

Mailperson - I delivered mail at an office building, you know, like with a cart.

I worked at Burt’s Bees.

Operations coordinator at a nonprofit.

And I feel like there’s a bunch of other things that I can’t remember.”

Special thanks to Cory, who conducted an interview.


  1. SO interesting! Just got through reading about everyone. I want to be like Dicky! If anyone knows where there might be some treasure, I'm down to do the manual labor (bringing the treasure to the surface, digging, etc).

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