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Election 2012, according to a fortune teller

I asked a tarot reader: How's the rest of the presidential election going to go? Who will be President for the next four years: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Yes, she had an answer.



“How’s the rest of the Romney campaign going to go?” I asked.

The ten cards I drew:
Card 1 (Present Position): The High Priestess
Card 2 (Immediate Influences): Ace of Wands
Card 3 (Goal or Destiny): Five of Pentacles
Card 4 (Distant Past Foundation): Wheel of Fortune
Card 5 (Recent Past Events): King of Cups, reverse
Card 6 (Future Influence): Six of Wands
Card 7 (The Questioner): Ten of Pentacles
Card 8 (Environmental Factors): The Empress
Card 9 (Inner Emotions): Page of Swords
Card 10 (Final Results): The Lovers

The ten cards for "Will Mitt Romney Win?"

The three cards I drew, for a Yes or No answer.
Card 1: The Emperor, reverse
Card 2: Nine of Swords, reverse
Card 3: Wheel of Fortune, reverse

(She draws the first card, which represents Present Position, and reveals The High Priestess.)

Do you think that he feels he’s God’s calling?

Yeah, i do, personally.

He have a lot of energy about doing it. And inspiration, about doing it. He thinks he’s going to win. And his luck is going to change.

(She draws the second card and then the third card. The third card represents Goal or Destiny, and it is the Five of Pentacles.) Now, he’s feeling, if like doing something kind of revolutionary, he wants to do something....shake the campaign. He wants to do something really dramatic with his campaign. Shake it. This is what he wants to do. Something so revolutionary, that it would leave Obama flat. Like, ‘How are you going to top that?’

(She draws cards 4, 5, 6, and 7.) Now, if he does that, it’s not going to have much effect. He’s not going to get the presidency. The best way for him to do it - see this is the self. (Picks up Card 7, the Ten of Pentacles.) This is the self, here. The only way that he can do it is, instead of that wild scheme that he’s planning, the very dramatic, the very showy, very acted, very...sensationalist, like really going for the kill, you know? Like, going really strong. Instead of doing that... If he does that, he’s going to lose the respect of the people, and he’s not going to get any results.

But, if he does it, paying attention to the good things that his party have to offer, and aware of the pull and the magic of that idea of the pure Republicanism - then, he will have... like, being in the eye of the storm... a moment of peace. That should be his approach. Instead of what he’s planning, the sensationalism, just trying to call attention over him - if he only concentrate in the pure ideals of the Republican party, the goodness for all, and all that stuff, you know, the smaller government... you know, in the pure ideals, then he will have a chance.

Beatriz Coria's Tarot Reading stand.

(Draws Card 8, The Empress.) He have a lot of money supporting him. He have the big money supporting him. The big companies, the big money. They are supporting him. Because they have private interests

(Draws Card 9, The Page of Swords, immediately continues to draw Card 10, The Lovers.)

(Pauses for a moment.)

He might win.

(Another pause.)

He might win. He may win. Because this card has the final answer. It’s The Lovers. So, is the union of opposites, and is the marriage, the union of opposites. So, you could think that he will be like the husband of the nation, that it will be a union.

This is this reading.

Let’s do the three cards: Yes or No.

Now I want that I be wrong.

Will he win, is that right? We are asking, will he win?

Will Mitt Romney win?

(I reveal the three cards: Card 1 is The Emperor in reverse, Card 2 is the Nine of Swords in reverse, and Card 3 is The Wheel of Fortune in reverse.)

Well, here it says no. Because the three are reverse.

Umm... we can come back to that. What was your second question?

How is the rest of the Obama campaign gonna go?

A re-enactment of the three cards drawn for the question, "Will Mitt Romney Win?"

“How’s the rest of the Obama campaign going to go?” I asked.

The ten cards I drew:
Card 1 (Present Position): Eight of Wands
Card 2 (Immediate Influences): Seven of Cups
Card 3 (Goal or Destiny): The Fool
Card 4 (Distant Past Foundation): The Sun, reverse
Card 5 (Recent Past Events): Five of Wands
Card 6 (Future Influence): Page of Wands
Card 7 (The Questioner): The Hierophant
Card 8 (Environmental Factors): Three of Cups, reverse
Card 9 (Inner Emotions): Seven of Swords, reverse
Card 10 (Final Results): Queen of Swords

The ten cards drawn for "How's the rest of the Obama campaign going to go?"

The three cards I drew, for a Yes or No answer.
First throw:
Card 1 (Past): Queen of Swords
Card 2 (Present): Six of Wands, reverse
Card 3 (Future): Wheel of Fortune, reverse

Second throw:
Card 1 (Past): Queen of Swords
Card 2 (Present): Five of Cups, reverse
Card 3 (Future): The Moon, reverse

The second throw of three cards drawn for "Will Barack Obama Win?"


(Draws Card 1, which represent the Present Position. It is the Eight of Wands.) His love reaches the ground. His love reaches the people.

(Draws Card 2, Seven of cups.) But, he need to focus. He needs to make a choice. He needs to make a choice. He still needs to make a choice.

(Draws Cards 3 through 6.) There’s been a lot of friendly fight. It’s very fortunate. It’s going to go very well. Within the next month, it’s going to have a lot of drive. Only a little cloud over the sky. (Holds up Card 4, which represents Distant Past Foundation: The Sun, reverse.) The Sun is such a powerful image. That when it’s reversed, it’s only a little cloud over the sky. The sun is success, and optimism. All the good things that the sun represents.

(Draws Card 7, The Hierophant.) The Hierophant. It’s two ways. I tell you what: See, the Hierophant reverse is alternative position. Alternative spiritual things. This alternative spirituality will lead him- he will have to be very very careful with. But, if he attains to the establishment, to the established spirituality of the country, then he will have the support, and he will jump into the void, and the universe will support him. He will have to be very, very traditional. Very spiritual, going into the spiritual beliefs of the country. That means he needs to get all the religion people. Good luck! He’s not having the support that he needs.

(Draws cards 8, 9, and 10. They are: Three of Cups, reverse; Seven of Swords, reverse; Queen of swords.) He will achieve wisdom through sorrow. I think the other one, with The Lovers, had better. This is good, but... this is not good. Not having the support, and the trust, and the harmony of the environment, of the forces that be. He might not be meant to win this time. He might not be meant to win this time. That’s terrible. I’m sorry for this country.

Let’s do the three cards.

Let’s ask a yes or no answer: Is he going to... How is it going to go?

Is Obama going to win?

(We draw the three cards. They are: Queen of Swords; Six of Wands, reverse; and Wheel of Fortune, reverse. Beatriz is silent.)

I think you made her sad.

You are sad? I’m sad. You are sad?

It’s two negatives. Two reverse. And especially because of this one - (Picks up the Six of Wands, reverse.) This, like this, is a card of victory. Reverse, it’s the opposite. His luck is going to change. His luck is going to change.

(Points to the Queen of Swords.) This is the card of the widow. She achieves wisdom through sorrow.

(She is silent and very serious for a moment.)

Let me do it myself. Just... for the kicks.


(She draws three cards. They are: Queen of Swords; Five of Cups, reverse. The Moon, reverse)

Again! The same card!

But you know what? He’s going to recover from the losses. He’s going to keep talking. He’s going to keep at it. But not from the position that he is now.

You know, his relationship with the people is over, but I tell you something: He might save his life, if he doesn’t win. Because he have an - I belong to an astrology group, and everybody says - it’s unanimous - that he can be killed while in office. So, he probably will be more, maybe even better for him, not to win, because he can keep working, writing, that he’s so good, and supporting people and being still the spiritual leader. And at least he probably won’t get killed, because, I tell you, it’s a strong possibility. Very bad transits are coming for him in astrology. Of the same kind that killed Kennedy. He can be killed while he’s in the White House. So, maybe it’s better that he doesn’t win, and keep working from the outside. I don’t think we need to think ‘Oh, evil is going rampant.’ Ok? I think it should be- It would be a higher meaning to all this that now we cannot see it.

But I believe that he will go on and be important, and at least his life will be safe.

Thanks to Beatriz Coria, reader of Tarot, I Ching, and Astrology; Tom Christiansen for unexpectedly recording video on the fly; and Ryan Locante for teaching me about tarot cards and letting me swipe his deck to use for fun and research.

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  1. I have nothing against fortune telling or mystic powers or energies, but there are a number of factors to consider with these foresight. The winning or losing of a candidate will depend entirely on how people view the candidate - will he promulgate changes for the country or otherwise? As what spiritual speakers reiterate on spiritual encounters: "The past will always catch up and haunts us." So I guess, whatever a candidate had made for his name, it will eventually show on how much he has done for the people around him, enough to make them believe that he can do more by putting him in a position of advantage.


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