Monday, June 18, 2012

Pirate's Booty Dance

This is a pirate, dancing. Music: Beastie Boys, Rhymin' and Stealin'. Dancer: Dancing Pirate Stina.

Press Play, turn the volume loud, and enjoy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why do we yawn?

Why does the human body yawn? The answer isn't quite clear, so I asked around. In response, I got a lot of interesting answers, a few helpful tips, and - of course - yawns.

Age: 26. Occupation: Production assistant.

Can you tell me everything you know about how and why people yawn?
Ben: "You just go like-" (yawns) "-and I don't know why you do it. But I know that yawns are contagious, and sometimes you'll yawn when you see somebody else yawn.

"That's everything I know about yawning."

Age: 29. Occupation: Architectural historian.

Can you tell me everything you know about how and why people yawn?
Beibei: "It think it's contagious.

"I know there's a method: If you put your finger in the middle of your mouth, you can stop it. Or, if someone else is trying to yawn, you can put your finger in their mouth, and they can't fully yawn. I think when people realize something's in their mouth, they can't yawn."

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo: Filtering peanut oil for our peanut-powered car

Mario pours used oil collected from a donut shop through the filter into a storage container. Indeed, it smells like donuts.

More on the peanut-powered vehicle of HRGBRG and the D9 Art Collective coming soon. [UPDATE 6/19/2012: Published! Click here to go to 40 things to know about the straight vegetable oil powered, converted diesel car of and the D9 Art Collective]
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Laughlin, Nevada: The uninteresting small casino town that's actually pretty interesting

Curious about checking out an alternative to Vegas? Laughlin, Nevada is only two hours south. Here are 84 of those little things that guidebooks don't often mention. But those who have been there know: It's the little things that just might be the most worthwhile of all.

  1. Mobile signals aren't very strong. Public telephones are easy to find.

Monday, June 4, 2012

26 unimportant things you don't need to know about Bilderberg 2012

Here are 26 of those little things you don't need to know at all, but just naturally pick up by being there. This time I took in Bilderberg 2012, the protest of the conspiracy-theory-laden Bilderberg Conference, held in Chantilly, Virginia from May 31st through June 3rd.

  1. The Bilderberg Group chose a pedestrian-friendly suburb for their conference location this year.

  2. "District Governmental Center" means "Police Station".

  3. If you happened to get pulled over within a half-mile of a the Bilderberg protest, you got more moral support from passers by than usual.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Travel tips from Bilderberg 2012

I dropped by the Occupy Bilderberg / Bilderberg 2012 protests in front of the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia this week, and asked folks, "What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?" Also: Of course I had to ask, "What brought you to the protest?"

Age: 33. Occupation: Security. Traveled from: Manhattan, New York City, NY.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Eli: "Basically: Punched in everything on my GPS. Got in the car. Got down here."

What brought you to the protest?
Eli: "You have the global elite meeting here in secret, deciding our future, our fate, taking away our constitutional rights. It's very important that more and more people get together and expose these evil scumbags."

Age: 41. Occupation: Women's lifestyle journalist. Traveled from: London, England.

What travel planning did you put into attending this protest?
Hannah: "We actually did book in-" (Points to Westfields Marriott) "- this hotel for a couple of days, but they didn't honor our reservation. As we had done this before, they knew our names, so they cancelled our reservation. They didn't let us stay. They said it was overbooked, but it wasn't.

"So we wanted to stay nearby the protest...

"Logistically, you just need to get lots of things for the weather, really. Just loads of sun cream, umbrellas, and water. Just know you're going to be outside for a long time. It's like going hiking or something.

"We were a bit worried coming into the country, because we were going to a protest, but it was fine.

"We've been really lucky in terms of transport. Our hotel, the Hyatt, is giving us shuttles to and from the protest site. This actual site is quite inconvenient. We've got no facilities nearby. We've got no bathroom facilities. There's no kind of... shops or anything,. People have to walk quite a long way get to the location. We're not being allowed to park in nearby car parks- peoples' cars are being towed. So actually, that is a bit of a problem. But luckily, the Hyatt has been great and has been shuttling people backwards and forwards. For the bathroom, and things like that."

What brought you to the protest?
Hannah: "I'm protesting because I believe that this conference is profoundly undemocratic. And non-transparent. And I'm protesting because my elected Minister of Justice, Kenneth Clark, is attending, and he's actually on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, and I do not agree with this. It's undemocratic."